Ubuntu sot paralajmeroi leshimin e Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop, Server, Cloud, dhe produktet Core. Versioni final i Ubuntu 12.10 pritet te vije me 18 Tetor 2012.

Versioni i ri Beta 1 me nofken “Quantal Quetzal”, vazhdon traditen e Ubuntu-s duke integruar burimet me te mira dhe te fundit ne nje Linux-Distribution. Grupi ka punuar shume ne kete leshim per te sjelle permiresime te reja dhe mbyllje te birave (bugs).

Karakteristikat e reja ne Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 1 Desktop version

  • The consolidated client images now support the logical volume manager (LVM) as well as full disk encryption.
  • Update Manager has been renamed Software Updater and now checks for updates when launched.
  • A new X.org stack has been introduced which includes xserver 1.13 candidate versions, mesa 9.0, and updated X libs and drivers.
  • Unity has been updated to version 6.4 including support for dash previews and coverflow view. Now that compiz with GLES support has landed, unity-3d works again on the pandaboard.
  • The Ubuntu desktop has begun migrating from Python 2 to Python 3. Most Python applications included in the desktop is now using Python 3, and most Python modules that are included by default are available for both Python 2 and Python 3.

Karakteristikat e reja ne Ubuntu 12.10 beta server edition

  • ARM hard float (armhf) cloud images are now available.
  • OpenStack folsom testing packages are available. Openstack instance architecture testing support has been added, as has a heterogenous scheduler for ARM.
  • Apache Tomcat 7 is now the default supported version.
  • Ceph has updated to 0.48.1 (upstream argonaut stable release), and includes RADOS Gateway (S3 and Swift Compatible), as well as performance improvements.
  • Floodlight (Openflow Network Controller) and mininet (Network Simulation) packages are now available.

Nese doni t`i beni upgrade nga Ubuntu 12.04 ne 12.10 vizitoni lidhjen me posht:

ose shkarkoni programin nga webfaqja e Ubuntu: